Cell Reprogramming-based Therapies for Heart Disease

Researchers at Creative Bioarray are committed to helping clients develop cell-based therapies and improve the clinical condition of cardiac patients by facilitating the replacement of lost cardiomyocytes and activating cardiac repair. Our specialized platform and innovative technologies will accelerate your research in the development of new therapies for heart disease based on cell reprogramming.


According to statistics, heart disease such as myocardial infarction has become the leading cause of death in all countries. Scientists have proposed that heart cell-based therapy using heart cells generated from scratch could be a promising new approach for cardiac regenerative medicine. Recent developments in cell reprogramming technology allow direct conversion of somatic cells into cardiac cells by activating cardiogenesis or pluripotency-related factors in non-cardiac cells, which is a shortcut and safe strategy to generate autologous cardiac cells.

Direct cardiac conversion (called partial reprogramming) has been shown to generate cardiomyocytes in vitro in a shorter and more efficient manner. Some studies have reported that whole organism-based in vivo partial reprogramming can improve the cellular and physiological characteristics of aging and extend the lifespan of mice. Overall, cardiac cells generated using a partial reprogramming strategy could be a useful platform for cardiac cell-based therapies.

Fig 1. Cell-based therapies for cardiac regeneration.Fig.1 Cell-based therapies for cardiac regeneration. (Rowe, 2019)

Development of New Cardiac Therapies based on Cell Reprogramming

Cell Reprogramming-based Therapies for Heart Disease

By reprogramming differentiated cells into iPSCs using pluripotent inducers such as OSKM, the resulting iPSCs can differentiate into all cell lines, such as cardiomyocytes (CMs) or cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs). We help our customers use the induction system for in vivo partial reprogramming of the whole animal to increase the regeneration potential and reduce the rate of aging. In vitro partial reprogramming can be used as an optional and effective strategy for the direct transformation of somatic cells into induced CMs or induced CPCs. In addition, we developed in situ partial reprogramming to transform cardiac resident fibroblasts into functional CMs or CPCs for regenerative cardiac injury. We help our customers develop cardiac drugs and cardiac cell-based therapies through in vitro produced cardiac cells.


  • Developmental biology and basic research to decipher the molecular and cellular events happening during cardiac development.
  • Cardiac cell-based therapeutics and myocardial repair.
  • High-throughput screening for cardiotoxicity testing and drug discovery.
  • Cardiac tissue engineering for production cardiac patches or whole artificial hearts.


  • World-class technology platform
  • Dedicated research team
  • Powerful data resources
  • Detailed after-sales service

As a leading biotechnology company in the field of cell reprogramming, Creative Bioarray is committed to helping our clients develop new therapies for heart disease based on cell reprogramming. With our expert technical support, you will greatly save time and money costs. If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.


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