Generation of Ovine and Caprine iPSCs

Generation of Ovine and Caprine iPSCs

Ovine and caprine are important small ruminants. Pluripotent stem cells are essential to produce accurate genetically modified animals. Creative Bioarray is committed to providing customers with efficient and advanced iPS technology to generate ovine and caprine iPSCs. Our first-class cell reprogramming technology will promote the application of ovine and caprine iPSCs in agricultural production and biomedical modeling.

Ovine and Caprine iPSCs 

The establishment of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) from ungulates is very promising in many applications. For example, the establishment of ovine ESCs can be used to produce gene-targeted ovine with required characteristics, and improve the efficiency of somatic nuclear transfer by producing pluripotent stem cells. The role of caprine genetic engineering in the pharmaceutical industry has been proved, including the production of recombinant proteins for research and human pharmaceuticals, or even in advanced clinical trials. In addition, ovine and caprine are considered to be important animal model species to study human diseases because they share more phylogenetic features with humans than rodents.

Ovine and caprine ESC technology provides excellent large-scale animal models for research on human stem cells, but it is still difficult to isolate and culture ESC from hoofed animals. iPSC is reported to be similar to ESC in gene expression, pluripotency, and epigenetic status, and shows great potential for in vitro disease modeling and regenerative medicine. At present, several studies have reported iPSCs from ovine and caprine somatic cells, which provide powerful tools for expanding the applications of gene-modified animals.

Doxycycline controlled Tet-on-inducible lentiviral system for induction of pluripotency in sheep fetal fibroblasts.Fig.1 Doxycycline controlled Tet-on-inducible lentiviral system for induction of pluripotency in sheep fetal fibroblasts. (Li, 2011)

Our Technical Support

To generate safe ovine and caprine iPSC lines with stable inheritance, we have developed advanced and efficient strategies to reprogram ovine and caprine somatic cells. We provide our customers with the following technical support:

  • Reprogramming ovine fetal fibroblasts using a Dox-inducible lentiviral vector system to generate ovine iPSCs.
  • Reprogramming ovine adult fibroblasts to pluripotency by drug-induced expression of specific factors.
  • Reprogramming caprine somatic cells to induce caprine iPSCs using the mRNA of multifunction inducible factors.
  • Improved reprogramming efficiency of iPSC by using serum, serum replacement cytokines and small molecule compounds in the culture medium.


  • Study on genetic epidemiology and animal species breeding
  • Applications in disease modeling
  • Development of optimized therapeutic protocols

Advantages of Our Services

  • Advanced technology platform
  • Sound specialist knowledge
  • Support is always available after we have completed the project

As a biotechnology company focused on cell reprogramming, Creative Bioarray is dedicated to providing efficient reprogramming strategies to generate ovine and caprine iPSCs. Our professional research team will provide you with sound advice and accelerate your research in the field of iPSC reprogramming in farm animals. If you need more information, please contact us.


  1. Li, Y.; et al. Reprogramming of sheep fibroblasts into pluripotency under a drug-inducible expression of mouse-derived defined factors. PloS one. 2011, 6(1): e15947.
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