Neural Reprogramming Service

Neural Reprogramming ServiceThe development in the field of neuroscience has been hampered due to the relative inaccessibility of human nerve cells. The advent of reprogramming techniques has made possible the use of normal and patient-derived neural cells for research and potential therapeutic purposes. In principle, neuronal cells can be generated in vitro from any living human or any bio-banked cells. The concept of reprogramming is now also applied to pluripotent stem cells or neural stem cells, which rapidly differentiate forward into neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes by using lineage-specific transcription factors.

In addition, neural cells directly reprogrammed from somatic cells without undergoing the pluripotent stem cell stage contribute new avenues of realization for cell replacement therapy and personalized medicine development. Another exciting development is the in vivo neuronal reprogramming of glial cells in the brain, which has shown promising therapeutic potential in animal models. In the last decade, the field of neural reprogramming has opened up unprecedented possibilities for studying the central nervous system in health and disease. This field is still under development and many findings require further validation and exploration. Nevertheless, in the coming years, scientists are expected to make significant discoveries in the field of neuroscience by using reprogramming technologies.

Direct lineage reprogramming.Fig.1 Direct lineage reprogramming. (Bajohr, 2019)

Our Services

With the continuous development of the field of reprogramming, new methods are emerging rapidly. With proficient professional knowledge and world-class technological means, researchers at Creative Bioarray have developed several advanced and novel methods to help customers produce different types of nerve cells. Our scientific services include but are not limited to:

Why choose us?

We not only provide neural reprogramming services directly to our clients and deliver high-quality target cells and scientific reports to them in a timely manner, but also provide ample experimental experience and guidance to our clients. We offer our clients scientific assistance and technical support in generating, validating, and applying reprogrammed neural cells in their research.


  • Study on physiological cellular processes
  • The development of potential cell replacement therapies
  • Modeling of sporadic and late-onset diseases
  • Screening of drugs for the treatment of nervous system diseases

Advantages of Our Services

  • Years of experience in cell reprogramming
  • Advanced cell reprogramming platforms and flexible reprogramming strategies
  • Fast delivery cycle of high-quality target cells
  • Objective and reliable experimental reports

Creative Bioarray specializes in providing professional and comprehensive cell reprogramming services including neural reprogramming. We customize the best experimental protocols for our clients according to their scientific needs and provide reliable technical support. If you need our services, please contact us.


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