Skin Cell Reprogramming Service

Skin Cell Reprogramming Service

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has multiple important functions such as maintaining the stability of the body's internal environment, protecting the body's tissues and organs from external aggressions, and sensing stress, pain and temperature. Compared to other organs, the skin and its appendages have the advantage of a high regenerative capacity that allows them to continuously renew themselves. The easy accessibility makes the skin an attractive source of cellular reprogramming materials.

To date, an increasing number of researchers have focused on reprogramming skin cells into other cell types for application in cell therapy development as well as regenerative medicine. To meet the scientific needs of clients worldwide, researchers at Creative Bioarray have established efficient and advanced skin cell reprogramming strategies and cell characterization services to help clients save valuable time and resources in generating the desired type of cells. In addition, our reliable after-sales service also makes our company highly praised by customers. Our dedicated experts will share their expertise and provide continuous support to help cells easily adapt to your experimental system.

One-stop Service

Simply provide us with donor cells and we will help you generate the desired cell type in a short period of time using a variety of reprogramming techniques including transcription factor-mediated reprogramming, fully chemically induced reprogramming, and nuclear transplantation mediated reprogramming.

If you have not found suitable donor cells for reprogramming, we can provide you with skin cells from our established network with a wide range of donor backgrounds.

What we can do for you?

We offer skin cell reprogramming services including but not limited to:

Technical Edge

  • Multiple reprogramming strategies to choose from

Virus-free, safe and efficient.

  • Consultative science

Experienced scientific experts in the field of cell reprogramming will help you develop milestone-driven projects and provide expert guidance.

  • Reliable technical support

Our dedicated technical team provides scientific assistance throughout the entire process.

Creative Bioarray is committed to providing our customers with first-class skin cell reprogramming services. Our dedicated technical team can help you save time and resources by tailoring the best reprogramming strategy to your experimental requirements. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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