Converted Cell Characterization Services

Establishing rigorous cell characterization and functional testing in vitro and in vivo remains a major challenge in the field of cell reprogramming. Creative Bioarray has developed a variety of efficient characterization services to help clients assess the similarity of the created cells to the desired primary cell type. We look forward to providing you with fast and accurate characterization services for converted cells to contribute to your projects in the field of cell reprogramming.

Functional Analysis of Differentiated Cells

An important focus of targeted differentiation protocols is the detailed evaluation of the resulting cells in vivo and in vitro. Cells are usually first screened using simple analytical methods such as RT-PCR or immunofluorescent assays for marker gene expression to determine whether a given manipulation is likely to produce the desired change in cell fate. The morphology of the cells can also be examined to make sure they resemble the desired cell type. In addition, comparison of the transcriptional profile and histone or DNA modification profile of the converted cells with primary cells of the same type by genome-wide analysis can also provide useful information.

It is essential to use functional tests to determine whether cells display physiological behaviors similar to those of the same cell types in vivo. For example, electrical responses, behaviors such as phagocytosis or secretion of specific factors. Furthermore, the ability of converted cells to integrate into the appropriate anatomical niche ex vivo or in vivo can be tested. For example, motor neurons generated from iPSCs could be injected into the spinal cord of chicken embryos and tested for their capacity to properly extend protrusions to the limbs.

Fig 1. Evaluation of directed-differentiation and reprogramming products.Fig.1 Evaluation of directed-differentiation and reprogramming products. (Cohen, 2011)

Converted Cell Characterization Services

To meet the diverse scientific needs of our clients in the field of cellular reprogramming, we provide customers with conventional marker gene expression analysis, morphological analysis, electrophysiological characterization and functional analysis, as well as develop some new cell analysis methods for customers.

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As an outstanding provider of cell characterization services, a dedicated research team at Creative Bioarray has established rigorous cell characterization and functional testing methods in vitro and in vivo to provide comprehensive technical support to our clients in the field of cell reprogramming. If you need converted cell characterization services, please feel free to contact us and we look forward to being your scientific assistant.


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