Generation of Avian iPSCs

Generation of Avian iPSCs

The production of avian iPSCs has great prospects in promoting the research of non-mammalian vertebrate embryonic development. With an advanced reprogramming platform and a dedicated research team, Creative Bioarray has established rapid and effective reprogramming strategies for the generation of avian iPSCs and provides characterization analysis of iPSCs. Our services are built to meet the specific requirements of our clients in the field of cell reprogramming.

Avian iPSCs

Avian species are among the most diverse vertebrates on earth and are of interest to researchers as important model animals for deciphering developmental biology and disease principles. Avian embryos including quail-chick chimera models have been extensively used for real-time monitoring of tissue and organ development and functions and cell fate determination. The most remarkable advantage of using avian in research is the easy access to embryos, which makes possible a variety of experimental applications ranging from studying molecular function in developing embryos to cell-cell or tissue-tissue interactions.

The use of avian models in developmental biology and disease research has provided important insights into organ functions and disease progression. Derivation of iPSCs from avian species is expected to preserve genetic diversity and provide a valuable source of cells to facilitate the use of avian models in many fields of basic and applied research. In addition, chickens are one of the most important and common domesticated animals, and the generation of iPSC lines that can be unlimited expansion and genetic modification will facilitate the production of transgenic chickens with specific traits of pharmaceutical or agricultural importance.

Injection of quail iPSCs into stage X chicken embryo.Fig.1 Injection of quail iPSCs into stage X chicken embryo. (Lu, 2015)

Our Services

Creative Bioarray provides clients with integrated and non-integrated approaches to generate avian iPSCs and performs a range of cell characterization services to ensure high-quality reprogrammed iPSCs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Reprogramming embryonic fibroblasts into quail iPSCs using human or mouse versions of OSKM factors.
  • Reprogramming primordial germ cells from embryonic fibroblast, muscle fibroblasts, or feather follicle cells into chicken iPSCs using OSKM factors with or without LIN28 and/or NANOG.
  • Providing characterization assays of key pluripotency markers for iPSCs and functional testing of chimera formation to demonstrate pluripotency.


  • Study on developmental biology
  • Research on tissue transplant
  • Applications in protecting genetic diversity and breeding endangered birds


  • Professional and innovative research team
  • Customer-focused service and reliable technical support
  • Strict quality control
  • One-stop service

Creative Bioarray has been committed to providing a wide range of cell reprogramming services to clients around the world for many years and has accumulated a great deal of success. We help our customers successfully generate avian iPSCs by using TFs and technologies critical to characterizing their pluripotency. Please contact us for more information and we will be pleased to share our expertise.


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