Cell Reprogramming-based Therapies for Kidney Disease

As a biotechnology company focused on advances in cell reprogramming, Creative Bioarray is committed to helping our customers generate patient-derived iPSC-kidney cells to provide an innovative therapy for kidney cell replacement. We have the confidence to provide specialized solutions for our customers to meet their specific scientific needs.


According to statistics the incidence of acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) is gradually increasing, which has a negative impact on the quality of life of patients. There are multiple mechanisms that contribute to the progressive decline in renal function including failure to address the predisposing pro-inflammatory injury that leads to self-perpetuating damage and ultimately to the development of end-stage renal failure. Dialysis is commonly used to treat these renal diseases, but it can not restore complete renal function.

Cell-based therapies are now emerging as a potential treatment option for kidney diseases. Recent advances show promise for cell-based therapies to restore the structure and function of kidneys damaged by kidney disease. It has been proposed that iPSC may be a promising source of cells for the clinical treatment of kidney diseases. In addition, the high universality of iPSC technology has facilitated the use of iPS cells in the treatment of kidney diseases. Overall, iPSC technology provides a valuable tool for modeling kidney disease and studying disease pathogenesis to advance medical research.

Fig 1. Renal cell reprogramming methods.Fig.1 Renal cell reprogramming methods. (Morales, 2014)

Development of New Therapies for Kidney Diseases based on Cell Reprogramming

Cell Reprogramming-based Therapies for Kidney Disease

In order to develop new therapies for liver disease based on cell reprogramming, researchers at Creative Bioarray are working to help clients generate hepatocyte-like cells which are important for the treatment of end-stage liver disease through various reprogramming techniques and provide solutions to improve the differentiation status and physiological function of these cells. The solutions we offer include:

  • Generation of iPSCs from multiple sources including urine-derived mesangial and epithelial cells and other renal sources such as PTCs and podocytes.
  • Establishment of complex kidney differentiation protocols by defining optimal cell culture conditions and other factors such as selection of target cell types and reprogramming options.
  • Generation of iPSCs from patients with inherited and non-inherited kidney disease to provide new avenues for toxicology testing using high-throughput platforms early in the drug discovery process.


  • Best-in-class cell reprogramming technology platform
  • PhD-level experienced technical staff
  • Professional and flexible solutions

Creative Bioarray is committed to discovering, developing and providing innovative high-quality services related to cellular reprogramming. Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients for the development of new therapies based on cellular reprogramming for the treatment of kidney disease. If you need our services, please contact us for more information.


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