Development of Reprogramming Delivery Systems

Much progress has been made in the field of cell reprogramming, and multiple epigenetic and genetic regulators or reprogramming factors have been used for cellular reprogramming, such as TFs in protein form, synthetic TFs, exosomal plasmids, mini-circle DNA, microRNA (miRNA), messenger RNA (mRNA), small molecules and CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing tools. Researchers proposed that the use of an optimal delivery system could improve the differences in reprogramming efficiency and reproducibility that may result from different reprogramming factors. The development of safe and effective delivery systems is therefore critical to enable and enhance cell reprogramming.

Current cell reprogramming delivery models include biological, physical and chemical delivery systems. The selection of an appropriate approach among the various is paramount in successful reprogramming using specific reprogramming factors. Based on various drug and gene delivery strategies developed for genome editing, tissue engineering and disease treatment, researchers at Creative Bioarray have developed a variety of efficient delivery systems for cell reprogramming.

Three major delivery modalities for cell reprogramming. Fig.1 Three major delivery modalities for cell reprogramming. (Fang, 2020)

Development Services

To safely and effectively deliver reprogramming factors and drive the robust translation of reprogramming therapies, we have developed multiple novel delivery systems to overcome the numerous barriers associated with reprogramming efficiency, safety, quality, and controllability.

  • Gene Transfer/Expression Systems of Reprogramming
  • We have developed a variety of gene transfer/expression systems including Sendai virus, mRNA and episomal plasmids to help our customers efficiently introduce exogenous factors into various mammalian somatic cells.

  • Physical Delivery Systems of Reprogramming
  • We have developed physical delivery systems including electroporation and mechanical disruption to help customers deliver reprogramming factors directly into the nucleus or cytoplasm of cells.

  • Chemical Delivery Systems of Reprogramming
  • We have developed several chemical-based nanocarriers including lipid nanoparticles, polymer nanoparticles and inorganic/hybrid nanoparticles for delivery of reprogramming factors.

Service Principle

  • High quality and good faith
  • Continuous technology development for long-term development
  • To strive for the needs of our customers

Our Industry Advantages

  • We are a technology-focused cell reprogramming services provider. We have good hardware facilities, strong professionalism, and efficient communication.
  • We have a wealth of expert resources and industry-quality laboratories to provide high-quality scientific services to our clients.
  • We have accumulated abundant experience in the field of cell biology and can provide effective technical support and solutions for our clients' research in the field of cell reprogramming.

With advanced experimental facilities and extensive cell reprogramming experience, Creative Bioarray offers clients the service of developing delivery systems for cell reprogramming. We are focusing on engineering appropriate delivery systems through micro/nanotechnologies to advance our clients' research in the field of cell reprogramming. Please contact us directly if you are interested and we look forward to being your indispensable research assistant.


  1. Fang, J.; et al. Engineering biomaterials with micro/nanotechnologies for cell reprogramming. ACS nano. 2020, 14(2): 1296-1318.
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