Reprogramming Astrocytes into Neurons

Reprogramming Astrocytes into Neurons

As an expert in the field of cellular reprogramming, Creative Bioarray offers our clients a wide range of neural reprogramming services including the in situ reprogramming of astrocytes into functional neurons. Our professional and efficient scientific services will advance your program and shorten the full development timeline.

Astrocytes-to-Neurons Reprogramming

It is well known that spontaneous neuronal replacement is almost non-existent in the human brain. Astrocytes are a widespread type of cells in the CNS that proliferate in response to CNS injury or neurodegeneration. Currently, it has been reported that astrocytes can be directly reprogrammed into functional neurons in vitro or in vivo by forced expression of pro-neural TFs, such as Achaete-scute homolog 1 (Ascl1). The reprogramming process stably induces properties including distinct neuronal morphology, neuron-specific proteins expression, and the acquisition of functional characteristics of mature neurons. Thus, direct reprogramming of astrocytes offers the possibility to develop cell-based therapeutic strategies for neurological diseases.

Indeed, direct reprogramming of astrocytes into functional neurons has received increasing attention from researchers in recent years. Studies on the successful transformation of human astrocytes into neurons or neuroblasts offer a promising alternative approach for regenerating functional new neurons in the adult mammalian CNS. Notably, reprogramming of astrocytes into functional neurons in vivo has been achieved not only in the adult mouse brain but even in the adult non-human primate brains.

In vivo chemical induction of astrocytes into neurons in conditional lineage-tracing system.Fig.1 In vivo chemical induction of astrocytes into neurons in conditional lineage-tracing system. (Ma, 2021)

Our Strategies

With extensive expertise in the field of cellular reprogramming, we have developed strategies to help our clients reprogram astrocytes into functional neurons.

  • Reprogramming astrocytes into functional neurons in vitro and in vivo through endogenous genes activation.
  • Reprogramming of astrocytes into neurons by chemically defined cocktails.

Our Services

The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Reprogramming of human astrocytes into neural stem cells for development of potential strategies for neurological repair.
  • Reprogramming of astrocytes into dopaminergic neurons for investigation of simpler cell replacement therapy in PD.
  • Reprogramming of astrocytes into motor neuron-like cells by defined small molecules or TFs.
  • Reprogramming of reactive astrocytes into GABAergic neurons.


  • Study on spinal cord injuries
  • Disease modeling of late-onset human nervous system diseases
  • Development of potential therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative diseases
  • Drug identification


  • Flexible cell reprogramming strategies
  • Reliable technical support and reasonable price
  • Detailed after-sales

Creative Bioarray is a trusted partner in cell reprogramming services. With extensive experience in neural reprogramming, our research team can provide our clients with professional and reliable services to reprogram astrocytes into functional neurons. If you have a need for our services, please contact us for further inquiries.


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